1. The fiscal year for membership and dues shall be from March 1st to the last day of February. Membership dues may be paid to the Treasurer in person or by US mail by the last day of February. All members MUST be paid in full, have a signed agreement and proof of boat insurance to the Treasurer by March 1st. Failure to meet the deadline will terminate the membership and the lot will be made available to other interested parties. Applicants for membership to the Lakeside Boating and Camping Association must be 21 years of age. Available memberships may be sold after the first day of the fiscal year and until the Labor Day weekend.  Membership fees will not be reduced for those joining the Association late in the camping season. Membership Fees - Camping - $800; Boating - $900; Non-Lakefront - $650 (There is a $50 service fee for first year members)
  2. No lifeguards are present. Due to potential dangers, members planning to swim or host guest swimmers must abide by the lifejacket safety regulations as listed on Page 3, # B-4. As a member, you are responsible for your safety as well as the safety of your guests.
  3. Continual or major violations of the rules and regulations including drinking, loud noise, domestic conflict or violence, etc., will result in the removal of the violator from the premises immediately or as soon as appropriate. The issue will be reviewed and a timely decision will be made by the Lakeside Officers and Directors. The person's membership may be revoked for one or more seasons. The membership fee is non-refundable. Future membership potentials for those who lose their privileges will be considered on a case by case basis no sooner than one full calendar year after the revocation. If a membership is revoked, the former member(s) are ineligible to attend as guests for one full calendar year from the revocation date.
  4. Yearly boating and camping membership includes the immediate family only -- husband, spouse, and children under 21 living at home (23 if single and enrolled in college). Children of members may attend the Lake by themselves if they are 16 to 21 years of age and living at home.  They may invite only one guest. Permission from an officer or board of director must be obtained for the guest. Other extended family members are welcome, but do not have the same privileges as members. Each membership is allowed six non-family guests at any one time and they are the full responsibility of the membership regarding actions and behavior. Guest visits should be limited to occasional occurrences. Guests who are removed from the premises are ineligible to return for one full calendar year. Please make guests aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to their stay.
  5. Special, large group gatherings must be approved by the Lakeside Officers & Directors. Please make all requests to one of the Association Officers or Directors at least one week in advance. In some cases, the South gate may be locked open to facilitate the coming and going of guests. The pavilion in the park may be reserved for family or guest activities. For reservations, contact Board Member Chris Ruebke or Security Officer Mike Roeder.  ** Members should not use the R.V. dump station when there are group activities being held in the Pavillion.
  6. All yearly camping members must keep vehicles, RVs or campers, equipment, and personal property within their given area. Members are allowed only one RV/camper per lot per membership. No long term storage of extra vehicles and non camping trailers is allowed. Boats and boat trailers may be parked or stored on the members lot.
  7. Members are required to keep their assigned area clean, trimmed and mowed. A $50 fee will be charged if the Lakeside Maintenance Department has to mow or clean up a lot due to a members failure to respond following a written or verbal request. Storage of inappropriate items of an unsightly nature is prohibited. Alterations to a member's lot requires written permission (see Alteration Form) signed by the owner and/or the Lakeside Officers & Directors. This includes cutting trees, altering the shore line, building docks / storage sheds, digging wells, etc.
  8. Please place all trash in the proper receptacles. The large dumpster is provided for all members for trash accumulated at the lake and not for personal residence trash. Limbs, brush, leaves and grass clippings are to be placed in the burn pit. NO TRASH OR METAL PLEASE. Please place crushed aluminum cans in the barrel. Proceeds are used for Lakeside projects to benefit all members.
  9. "Good Neighbor" quiet time is from 10:00pm to 9:00am. No radio, MP3 player, iPod, stereo, TV or other sound-producing device will be played outdoors after 10:00pm and until 9:00am. If these sound producing devices are played inside a camper or building, the sound must not be heard outside of the structure. A ticket will be issued for violation of this rule. Please practice this "Good Neighbor" policy. On certain occasions, the "quiet time" deadline will be extended to allow additional time for activities.
  10. The use of alcohol is strongly discouraged. Excessive drinking often brings about rowdy behavior and a lack of good judgment. These regulations will be monitored closely:
    1. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed in a boat or on the water.
    2. You will ONLY be allowed to drink alcohol in your camper/RV or at your own lot. DO NOT CARRY OPEN ALCOHOL CONTAINERS AROUND THE LAKE AREA.
    3. Public drunkenness by members or guests will not be tolerated.
  11. Open fires must be in metal or stone containers. No fires on the beach area as this pollutes the water when the lake comes up. Please fully extinguish all fires before leaving the lake area.
  12. Please help keep the restrooms / showers clean and operating properly. Every effort will be made to properly maintain this facility. Don't place inappropriate material in the stools. PLEASE turn off the lights and close the doors to keep dirt and animals from entering.
  13. All pets must be kept on a leash when at the lake, unless, while remaining on the owners leased lot, they are under the constant visual and voice control of their owners. This would allow pets to play on the beach and in the lake with their owners. A leash must be used to walk a pet. Owners are responsible for the noise and actions of their pets. PLEASE clean up after your pet. If your pet becomes a nuisance, you will be required to leave it at home.
  14. The speed limit for all vehicles around the lake area shall not exceed 15 MPH.
  15. Motor bikes, electric scooters, motorcycles, and three or four wheeler ATVs are not allowed. Golf carts should be limited to travel to other campsites or the restroom. Joy riding and erratic use are prohibited. Children under the age of twelve may drive only when accompanied by an adult. Carts used at night must have head & tail lights and reflective tape on the rear. Regular highway vehicles are to remain on the lake roadways. Allowance for other types of vehicles will be determined by the Lakeside Officers & Directors.
  16. All firearms, archery equipment, pellet / BB guns, paint ball guns, slingshots, etc. are prohibited. ** (See exception below) Hunting or target practice is not allowed. Periodically, a trap shoot may be organized for Lakeside members and guests in the pasture south of the camp sites. ** Shot guns may be brought onto the property for this activity. Ice fishing and ice skating are not allowed on the Lake.
  17. All campers, RVs, and buildings used for recreational living quarters must be manufactured by a reputable company. Year-round permanent residency in a camper, RV, or building is prohibited. All structures must adhere to the Association Standard Code which includes being manufactured by a company, size, location, etc., and must be approved by the Association. (See the Alteration of Landscape or Construction form)
  18. Guests with campers or RVs will be required to secure a camping spot with electric and water hook-ups near the front entrance. These spots must be reserved in advance with Board Member Chris Ruebke or Security Officer Mike Roeder at a cost of $20.00 per night. Payment shall be made to the Board Member Ruebke, Security Officer Roeder, or to the Treasurer.  Due to time / conflict reasons involving the sponsoring L.B. & C. member, guests using the Guest Lots may be allowed to stay without the full time presence of that sponsoring member. This will need approval from an Association Staff member. No visitor's campers or RV's are to be parked on host membership lots.
  19. During regular skiing and boating hours, (9:00am to 8:00pm), swimmers, paddle boats, canoes, etc. must stay close to the shoreline (10 to 15 feet) for safety sake. Swimming out in the lake or to the island, using canoes, kaykaks, paddle boats, row boats or fishing boats with electric or very small gas engines (7 1/2 hp. max) should take place during the NO WAVE times before 9:00am and after 8:00pm.
  20. Members wishing to move their membership to another lot location must fill out the Membership Lot Transfer form. (Please see the information Moving Membership from One Lot to Another on page 4.)
  21. The owners of LAKESIDE RECREATION. LLC, its Officers and Board of Directors, Security Officers, and Maintenance Officers are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen property belonging to the yearly camping members or their guests. All property left at the campsite should be secured.


  1. Ski boats are allowed on the lake for ski / wakeboard / tubing purposes from 9:00am to 8:00pm. Other times are reserved for swimming, canoes, paddle boats, and fishing boats with electric / small gas engines (up to 7 1/2 hp). It is suggested that all boats be registered with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and display the appropriate certificate of number on the hull. With a few exceptions, KDWP regulations are in effect while the boat is operated on the Lake. No jet ski's or pontoon boats are allowed to operate on the Lake. Reckless or erratic boat operation will not be tolerated.
  2. Anyone operating a ski boat must have proof of insurance which will remain in force during the term of the membership. If the insurance policy expires during the membership term, it is the responsibility of the member to submit the new policy to the Secretary prior to operating the boat on the Lake. ** See D. Important Boat Insurance Information Sheet, page 4.
  3. It is recommended that non-boating members or guests not familiar with the rules of the lake and the operations of a members boat not be allowed to drive the boat, due to safety issues. Age restrictions for boat operation are 16 years of age or possession of a boat operators certificate from the KDWP. Other restrictions as stated in the KDWP information must be observed. Be sure to become acquainted with these regulations.
  4. Coast Guard approved life jackets or Pfd's must be worn by anyone skiing, wakeboarding, or riding on any water "toys". Children under the age of 12 MUST wear approved Pfd's in a canoe, paddle boat or ski / fishing boat. Exception: Those over the age of 12 may, at their own risk, wear a ski belt rather than an approved jacket when riding in a canoe, paddleboat fishing or ski boat. All ages must wear a ski belt or an approved life jacket to wade and swim. All life jackets and ski belts must be worn appropriately. Boating members should obtain a copy of the Boating Etiquette Suggestions.
  5. No more than three (3) ski boats are allowed to operate on the water at the same time. The amount of time a boat spends on the water at any one time should be in relation to the number of boats on the lake on that particular day, and not in relation to the number of people in your party. SHARE THE WATER!
  6. Ski boats are only permitted to operate in a counter-clockwise direction around the island and lake. If a skier or tube rider falls in the water while in the loop around the island, the boat driver should continue on around the island rather than turning around to pick up the skier.  Prior to leaving the shore, tell the skier / tube rider to move to the short line if they fall.  It is imperative that all boat drivers keep their eyes forward looking for downed skiers while using the mirror to keep track of the skier or tube rider attached to the boat. It is best to have a second person in the boat who will keep an eye on the skier or tube rider.
  7. Boat docks, moorings, etc. that may create a hazardous or disruptive situation will be reviewed by the Lakeside Officers & Directors on an individual basis for approval.
  8. NO ALCOLOLIC BEVERAGES SHALL BE IN ANY BOAT AT ANY TIME. No glass bottles or containers are allowed in boats on the lake.
  9. Only boats belonging to members with a yearly boating permit which are properly registered and insured are allowed on the Lake. The boating member must be present when his registered boat is operated on the Lake. No guest boats are allowed. Members wanting to "try-out" a new boat must get permission from the Lakeside Officers & Directors.
  10. Skiing and fast boating is prohibited before 9:00am and after 8:00pm. to allow for swimming, paddle boating and canoeing, and fishing. Please observe the no wake rule. EXCEPTION: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, fast boats will be allowed to operate until sunset. (If fishing boats, etc. are present, please yield to their use of the lake. Also, this exception is not in place if a holiday break involves these days.)


  1. All State boating and fishing rules and regulations apply except a State fishing license is not required. The seining of bait or catching of bullfrogs is prohibited. Jug and trot lines are not permitted. Two poles per fisherman are allowed. Fishing from private docks and lot frontages are reserved for the assigned member (and guests) of that lot. Members wanting to fish from an absent members dock or lot frontage must have written permission from that member to do so and must stay with the poles. At present, all WIPERS and WHITE BASS are regulated as catch and release only. Posession limits will be on a per lot per day basis and include allowance to keep 1 Wiper 20 plus inches in length, 2 Black Bass & Crappie over 15" in length and 2 Catfish over 14" in length each day. (No limit on other species)


  1. I agree to have in force during the terms of my membership, a boat operator's liability insurance policy in an amount not less than $100,000 for injury to persons or property and $5,000 medical benefits for persons injured by the act or acts of myself or persons operating my equipment with my permission. I also agree to provide the Secretary of the Association a copy of the declaration page showing the watercraft liability and medical coverage amounts, the effective date of the policy, and indication that the policy premium has been paid before I operate my boat on the lake.


  1. Annually, members will be given the opportunity to move to a different available lot if they so desire. The Membership Lot Transfer Form must be filled out and filed by March 1st to be eligible for consideration in the new year. Please review the information and stipulations as found on the form. Applications must be renewed every year. Contact the Lakeside Association Secretary for the form.


  1. Upon making a decision to terminate membership, members in good standing can apply to have their membership and lot location transferred directly to an immediate family member. Also, a boating member apply to transfer their boating membership to an immediate family member who is a L.B. & C. member. The Board of Directors will review and make a ruling on such transfer requests. For further information, explanation, and an application form, contact a member of the Board.


  1. All paddle boats, golf carts, canoes, small fishing boats, etc. are required to be identified with the owners lot number. Please use 3 inch numbers to be placed on the right front corner/side or on both sides toward the front as determined by the owner.


  1. OWNERS: Bob & Ann Mummy
  2. OFFICERS: President: Michael Bruce;
    Vice President: Terry Benton;
    Board of Directors: Chris Ruebke, Brian Wise, and Gary Graber;
    Security Officer: Mike Roeder;
    Maintenance Officer: Johnny Vagts and Carl Vagts;
    Grounds Superintendent: Clayton Jones;
  3. Secretary / Treasurer: Vera Graber, Box 32, Nickerson, KS 67561 (620-422-3331)
  4. Lakeside Family Facebook Administrator: Stephanie Chambers
  5. Lakeside Boating & Camping Address: 7803 North Nickerson Road
  6. Westar Energy Customer Service: 1-800-383-1183
  7. Lakeside Recreaction Website Address:

** These rules and regulations can only be modified or changed by a majority vote of the Association Officers and Directors.


Last Updated 03-2017.